Mehmet Ulubasoglu

Professor and Head – Department of Economics, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia

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Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything one learned in school. 

Albert Einstein

Research interests

Economic Development, Political Economy, Public Choice, International Trade Policy

Teaching interests

Econometrics, Macroeconomics, International Trade

Policy Interests

Economics of Natural Disasters in Australia and Asia


My scholarly work focuses on the political economy of economic development. I explain the relationship between the choices made by politicians and the level of welfare in a country. In my work, political choices include the trade policy, central governance quality, the level of democracy, the role of the state, and the type of legal system, while welfare is measured by economic growth, education, poverty, and even health. I also analyse how the choices themselves arise due to internal and external factors within a country, such as history, natural and man-made disasters, geography, and other economic fundamentals. In my policy work, I focus on the economic impact of natural disasters in Australia and Asia.

Protection for Sale In A Developing Country: Democracy vs. Dictatorship

D. Mitra and D. Thomakos and M. Ulubasoglu, August 2002, Review of Economics and Statistics, 84(3), pp. 497-508.

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Zipf`s Law Strikes Again: The Case of Tourism

M. Ulubasoglu and B. Hazari, Journal of Economic Geography, August 2004, vol. 4, n.4. pp. 459-472.

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International Comparisons of Rural-Urban Educational Attainment: Data and Determinants

M. Ulubasoglu and B. Cardak, European Economic Review, October 2007, v. 51, n.7, pp. 1828-1857.

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Democracy and Economic Growth: A Meta Analysis,

C. Doucouliagos and M. Ulubasoglu, American Journal of Political Science, January 2008, v. 52, pp. 60-82.

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An Empirical Inquiry into the Role of Sectoral Diversification in Exchange Rate Regime Choice

M.T. Chowdhury, P. Bhattacharya,D.Mallick and M.Ulubasoglu, European Economic Review, April 2014, v. 67, pp. 210-227

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Non-farm Activity, Household Expenditure, and Poverty Reduction in Rural Vietnam: 2002-2008

T.X. Hoang, C.S. Pham and M. Ulubasoglu, World Development, December 2014, v. 64, pp. 554-568

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The Effects of Farm Subsidies on Farm Exports in the United States

L.A. Tong, C.S. Pham and M. Ulubasoglu,  American Journal of Agricultural Economics, July 2019, v. 101, pp. 1277-1304.

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The Political Economy of Land Reform Enactments: New Cross-National Evidence (1900-2010)

P. Bhattacharya, D. Mitra and M. Ulubasoglu, Journal of Development Economics, June 2019, v. 139, pp. 50-68.

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Policy Papers & Briefs

2009 Toodyay bushfire

Disasters and economic resilience in small regional communities: The case of Toodyay
Policy brief
Full research report

2009 Black Saturday bushfires

Disasters and economic resilience: The effects of the Black Saturday Bushfires on individual income
Policy brief
Full research report

2010-11 Queensland floods

The effects on individual income: a case study on the Brisbane River catchment area
Policy brief
Full research report

2013 Tropical Cyclone Oswald

Income effects on small business owners: a case study on the Burnett River catchment area
Policy brief
Full research report

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