The Role of Endowments, Technology and Size in International Trade: New Evidence from Product-Level Data

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C.S. Pham and M. Ulubasoglu, Journal of International Trade and Economic Development, October 2016, v.25, pp. 913-937.

Using product-level trade data, we empirically investigate the export patterns of more than 150 countries in their exports to the U.S., Brazil, India, and Japan. We document strong evidence that exporters specialized according to their relative factor endowments, technology, and economic size. More developed, capital abundant countries are found to export products of higher unit values and a wider range of products to developed, emerging and developing markets. More developed, economically larger, and technologically-advanced countries are also the major exporters of new products, spanning a wide range of product categories with high unit values. Our findings provide important insights into the macro phenomenon that a large proportion of the global trade takes place among developed economies, and that the latter are also major exporters to developing markets.

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