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In July 2012, I co-chaired ESAM12 along with Professor Michael Kidd. ESAM12 featured the 2010 Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences, the 2012 Laureate of the same, plus more than 20 renowned scholars from, among others, Harvard, Yale, Stanford and the World Bank as keynote and invited speakers. The meetings were participated in by 330 delegates.

Towards building capacity in the profession, ESAM12 hosted a panel on ‘How to Publish in Top Journals’, featuring then or former Editors of Econometrica, Review of Economics and Statistics, Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, and Theoretical Economics. More than 250 delegates attended the panel.


Dale Mortensen

Northwestern University (2010 Nobel Prize Winner in Economic Sciences)

Alvin Roth

Harvard University (2012 Nobel Prize Winner in Economic Sciences)

Dani Rodrik

Harvard University

Jeffrey Wooldridge

Michigan State University

Invited speakers:

Robert Chirinko – University of Illinois
Jean-Marie Dufour – McGill University
Jinyong Hahn – UCLA
Keisure Hirano – University of Arizona
Charles Horioka – Osaka University
Selahattin Imrohoroglu – University of Southern California
Dean Karlan – Yale University (tbc)
Lutz Kilian – University of Michigan
Nuno Limao – University of Maryland College Park
Stephen Machin – UCLA and LSE

David Martimort – Paris School of Economics
Stephen Morris – Princeton University
Martin Ravallion – World Bank
Barbara Rossi – Duke University
Tim Roughgarden – Stanford University
Tayfun Sonmez – Boston College
Scott Taylor – University of Calgary
Anne Villamil – UIUC
Myrna Wooders – Vanderbilt University
Nicholas Yannelis – University of Iowa

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